Empowering change: Avashna Ramnarain inspires Mindful Masterminds

In the dynamic landscape of leadership, we often witness remarkable transformations as individuals consciously choose to redefine their professional trajectory.

Avashna Ramnarain, an accomplished female leader, stands as an inspiring example of such intentional and strategic shifts.

Avashna Ramnarain

With a rich background in corporate leadership, Avashna has recently undertaken a deliberate transition, propelled by her unwavering commitment to impactful and purposeful work, ultimately seeking a more fulfilling approach to achieving both professional and personal goals.

Avashna’s journey takes an even more transformative turn as she channels her passion for impactful work into the creation of Mindful Masterminds.

This innovative initiative, founded by Avashna, aims to redefine the approach to mental and emotional resilience in children.

This strategic shift is not only a personal quest for fulfillment but also a commitment to making a lasting positive impact on the lives of young minds.

Having spent over 15 years as a marketing leader in Africa’s corporate sphere, Avashna recognized the need for a change that would align more closely with her passion and values.

The deliberate move to entrepreneurship with Mindful Masterminds reflects her dedication to bringing about positive change through purposeful work that resonates with her foundation in Psychology and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.


“The inception of Mindful Masterminds was illuminated by the extraordinary response to the remarkable resilience, inner strength, and intellectual brilliance demonstrated by my own two children.

Observing their emotional adaptability in navigating the challenges of school life, I recognized an untapped wellspring of potential. It was their unwavering belief in themselves that served as a powerful catalyst for my mission—a mission to empower children to build mental and  emotional well-being through play.” says Avashna.

Her journey also carries the weight of personal loss as her younger sister fell victim to a brain  tumour, underlining the fragility of life and deepening the commitment to promoting mental wellness.

Mindful Masterminds offers transformative activities, learning resources, and themed events designed to nurture young minds with enduring qualities of superheroes.

Their commitment to purposeful work is evident in their belief that children should be equipped with the tools to confidently navigate life’s complexities, promoting emotional  intellect and self-awareness from a young age.

What sets us apart is our genuine commitment to destigmatizing mental health, exemplified by the inclusion of a resilient female Brain Tumour Survivor in our events team.

This decision aligns seamlessly with our ethos of nurturing resilience and emotional intelligence, recognizing the strength of individuals who have overcome life-altering challenges.

Additionally, our universal dedication to gender equality, employment equity, and sustainability extends to our supply chain, engaging five women from disadvantaged communities to handcraft our merchandise, soft animal toys crafted from recycled ethnic fabric.

This shift hopefully serves as an inspiration for other female leaders contemplating similar moves in their professional lives. Avashna’s story, intertwined with the founding of Mindful Masterminds, encourages women to recognize the value of purposeful work, fostering resilience, and finding fulfillment in their professional pursuits while positively impacting future generations.

“As leaders, it is our duty to weave threads of endurance and mental fortitude into the hearts and minds of the future young leaders.

By embracing this mission, we are not just nurturing and healing children: we are nurturing a future Africa that thrives on the strength of its diversity, the depth of compassion, and the power of its mindful leaders.

It’s a journey that each leader and entrepreneur must embark upon—a journey that transforms us into architects of a brighter, more compassionate future.”

Avashna Ramnarain’s journey from corporate leadership to the purpose-driven inception of Mindful Masterminds underscores the transformative power of taking leaps of faith and calculated risks.

In the quest for independence, she embraced the uncertainty that accompanies strategic shifts, recognizing that the potential benefits far outweighed the inherent challenges.

Entrepreneurship, especially in a field dedicated to the emotional and mental well-being of children, a bold decision to step outside the familiar confines of corporate structures.

This willingness has not only defined Avashna’s own path but serves as an inspirational narrative for aspiring female leaders. By navigating the unknown with resilience and    determination, Avashna has not only realized her personal and professional goals but has also created a platform for positive change and contributes to a more compassionate and mindful future.

The deliberate embrace of uncertainty becomes a catalyst for growth, innovation, and the  fulfilment of a purpose-driven vision.

It is a testament to the potential for fulfilment and achievement that comes from aligning one’s career with a deeper sense of purpose.

As more female leaders embrace intentional transformations, the landscape of professional success becomes not only about climbing the corporate ladder but also about creating a legacy of purpose and impact, especially in endeavours like Mindful Masterminds that contribute to the holistic development of young minds.

Join the Mindful Revolution

We extend an invitation to children, parents, educators, and leaders to join this mindful  revolution. To explore their empowering endeavours or to purchase learning resources please visit:


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