Ernst & Young report paints positive future for Africa 2030

EY-lead-image Ernst & Young (EY) has released a new report, titled Africa 2030: Realising the Possibilities, which argues that the continent is in fact showing tremendous progress despite lingering scepticism. The report points to the staggering growth rates enjoyed by the majority of the continent's countries and stresses the importance of fostering entrepreneurship. EY argues that entrepreneurship provides one of the main engines of growth in any healthy economy. Alongside new products, services and solving problems, it will be the main driver of the ...

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Rwanda’s Think reveals 4 promising African startups for acceleration

Think Rwanda's Think accelerator (brought to the world by mobile network operators Tigo and Millicom), earlier this year called for applications to fill its first batch of African startups. Out of 150 applications, the initiative has finally settled on four exciting tech companies that will be given the chance to scale across the continent. The selected startups have access to US$15 000 in funding, the massive Tigo telecom's networks across the region, mentorship and further training in Kigali, Rwanda. In the announcement, general ...


The case of Chile’s SaferTaxi: adapting a global trend to a local market

SafeTaxi SaferTaxi is a transport mobile application company famous for being one of StartUp Chile’s greatest success stories. In 2011, it was releasing a Beta application simultaneously in three countries: Brasil, Argentina and Chile. Today, SaferTaxi employs eight people in Chile, and almost 30 on the Latin American level. It’s the biggest Car Flow company in Chile with about 100.000 rides per month. We met Martin Rodriguez, Operation Manager at SaferTaxi Chile, to learn more about one of the trendiest company of ...

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SweepSouth sweeps up award at SiMODiSA StartupSA

SweepSouth-founders StartupSA by SiMODiSA saw on-demand cleaning service SweepSouth named the winner of the conference's Get-Up Start-Up pitch awards last week. Apart from the food, drinks and insightful fireside chats, the event saw 10 chosen South African startups pitch their hearts out in front of a judging panel that included industry experts Vusi Thembekwayo, Vinny Lingham, Justin Stanford, Pontsho Maruping, and Anita Nel. SweepSouth has been awarded the opportunity to go on a two-month long trip to Silicon Valley where it will get the ...


An article and a bootcamp: the makings of a Nigerian-women-in-tech movement?

Lagos bridge This is interesting. Last week an article on asked if you could hire a female developer in your company. The piece, based on nothing more than the author's thought process, argued that women are not as dedicated as men would be in the world of coding. That's his opinion, and he is entitled to it, but that doesn't change the fact that it's unfounded and kinda rude. The author reckons women aren't willing to do what it takes or commit ...

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SnappBox from Snapplify enables rural schools to embrace ebooks

snappbox-how-it-works800 Ebooks distribution platform Snapplify is venturing into rural areas with the SnappBox distribution hardware solution. The hardware is built especially for rural schools that do not have internet. The technology allows textbooks to be preloaded onto the SnappBox, which can then be shared via intranet in the schools. The SnappBox makes it easier for students and educators to access textbooks and share their own academic materials, which are all synchronised to the cloud. It also allows for eBooks to be downloaded from ...


Millbug Tablet: bringing touch-screen connectivity to rural villages

Millbug Technology You can smell Port Elizabeth, the city where Millbug Vuya Tablet PC was invented and still manufactured, before seeing it. At least that was the case when I first visited the city as a teenager. This visit was also my last, although I have always intended to return. In my 48-hour visit there, I smelt PE, wrestled strong wind, engraved my feet in sand and watched the waves wash them away and started all over again until the teachers summoned ...


‘Get to the uberCHOPPER!': Uber celebrates first Cape Town anniversary with on-demand helicopter rides

Uber chopper Uber, next to angel investors and pop-tarts, is possibly one of the best innovations of the modern age. This on-demand cab service operates across the world, and is especially useful in road-congested South Africa. And to celebrate its one-year anniversary of operating in Cape Town, Uber's "taking off" with the uberCHOPPER as of 10 October 2014. It couldn't be easier to call a helicopter: simply log into the Uber app, toggle the uberCHOPPER option, select a pickup point and an ...

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PWC’s Danie Fölscher chats to Ventureburn about the winning formula for African startups and innovation

Formula-math If you've been taking a sabbatical from Ventureburn within the last few weeks, you've probably missed out on the news of PWC's Vision to Reality Awards. A first for South Africa, the startup accelerator saw 10 tech startups partake in a three-month mentorship programme and showcase their ideas. Impressive in-store mobile transacting startup WiGroup came up top. The Vision to Reality Awards in South Africa is merely the tip of the iceberg. Brewing below is an ecosystem with internationally acclaimed innovations ...


4 things the Lean Startup Methodology is definitely not

Lean-Startup-Eric-Reis Eric Ries debunks the myths of Lean Startup Methodology where he highlights the underlying four points: Lean Startup is NOT synonymous to cheap Lean Startup is NOT only for Web 2.0/internet/consumer software companies Lean Startup is NOT only for small bootstrapped startups Lean Startup does NOT replace vision with data or customer feedback In the past year or so, after having conducted multiple workshops, I came across a few more misconceptions that entrepreneurs have about the Lean Startup methodology. Here is my attempt to articulate ...