Ecommerce is changing: where to from here?

Navigation Like any industry, eCommerce is just beginning to mature, so what are the next opportunities for disruption? The barriers to entry are no longer technology or software Most retailers now understand that a multi-channel approach is the minimum required, and have a technology stack, where some will be better than others. Most smaller businesses will outsource this cost, most medium businesses will have in-house teams, and the very large will have a combination of in-house, outsourced and agency teams all working on ...

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PayPal strengthens presence in SA with PayGate partnership

paypal_logo PayPal recently announced the partnership with South Africa's PayGate to further help strengthen its presence on the continent. Essentially, the partnership allows PayGate merchants to add the PayPal payment option to their online stores, with the hopes to grow the latter's presence in South Africa and possibly increase customers base. Founded in 1998, PayPal now manages 152-million active registered accounts in more than 100 currencies in 203 markets. With customers' reassurance of not having to give up financial information with every ...

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Piing app uses Bluetooth so that retailers can engage better with customers

Piing-logo South African tech company, Beaconeye, recently announced a new app, called Piing, that is aiming to revolutionise the way retailers can communicate with their customers indoors by using Bluetooth proximity technology. For instance, when merchants sign up for the app, they'll be able to send welcome messages or special offers as customers walk past. Though available as a stand-alone application, Piing can furthermore be integrated with existing brands' apps. As discussed in the recent press release, the app makes use of ...


Engineering serendipity: 6 of our favourite co-working spaces in Cape Town

Garage Like the famous coffee houses of the 1800s, co-working spaces for tech startups are the modern repositories where ideas can grow, projects become startups -- essentially, engineering serendipity. Apart from housing techies and freelancers tapping away at their Mac keyboards, these co-working spaces host events and workshops. These spots are also significant ground that help materialise the growing startup communities within Cape Town, South Africa. Cape Town Garage Found in the artsy, coffee-loving Woodstock Exchange complex, the Cape Town Garage was set ...

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Cape Town gets Africa’s first taste of Startup Weekend Education action

Startup Weekend Education CT 2 Africa's first ever Startup Weekend Education event took place this past weekend in Cape Town. There were five teams involved, with other high profile speakers from companies also in attendance, including's Roger Norton and Breadbin Interactive's Brett Simpson. The idea of the Startup Weekend Education revolves around a simple schedule. During the 54-hour event, developers, designers, marketers, product managers and startup enthusiasts group and discuss ideas, build teams and products, and launch startups. The startups in question were a ...

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SA schools to get savvy with new virtual classroom tool by Mxit, UNICEF

ukufunda Today, South Africa's Deputy Minister of Basic Education Enver Surty, together with the MEC for Education in Gauteng Panyaza Lesufi, officially unveiled a new mobile tool for the country's public schools, called Ukufunda Virtual School in partnership with Mxit Reach and UNICEF. Ukufunda, meaning "learn" in isisZulu, will not only aim to promote access to quality teaching for students, but provide teachers with professional development and support curriculum delivery. However creative many edtech startups in South Africa may seem, they too often ...

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VoiceMap app: a platform for storytellers to give personalised location-aware tour guides

IMG_4146 The Revolution Route, one of the routes on VoiceMap, begins at the Grand Parade, right at the bottom of the statue of Edward VII, in front of Cape Town City Hall. It is here, amongst homeless men and women lying around in the hot sun, that Iain Manley and Lauren Edwards from VoiceMap and I begin to take the walk. Gael Reagan, the storyteller, is a legendary journalist and activist. She begins by telling the history of the Grand Parade, ...

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Millicom, Kalixa join forces to offer payment service provider for Africa, Latin America

kalixa banner The mobile payment sector is currently experiencing an exponential boom on the African continent, perhaps this is why mobile payment firm Kalixa will be partnering with Millicom, an international telecommunications and media company, to develop a payments sevice provider for Africa and Latin America. The joint venture melds the strengths of the two companies, including Millicom's extensive reach across Africa and Latin America and Kalixa's wide range of payment services, "including issuing, acquiring and acceptance solutions to over 8,000 merchants across ...

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Green Pioneer Accelerator Program launches in Kenya, South Africa

GrowthHub A new startup accelerator program was today launched in Nairobi, Kenya, and will target green entrepreneurs with ambitious ideas in Africa. Dubbed the Green Pioneer Accelerator Program, the venture is primarily developed for early-stage companies with desires to scale, focusing specifically on green or earth-friendly initiatives and products. Impact Amplifier, Nairobi-based accelerator Growth Africa, VC4Africa and Hivos have joined forces to "offer a comprehensive program that will take businesses from ‘market proof’ to ‘ready for investment’." The program will aim to nurture startups ...


At R50 a pop, this site wants to be the marketplace for all skills and talents

fifty-rand-note What are you willing to do for R50? "I will design your book cover ... for R50", "I will install WordPress so you can build your own website ... for R50" or design your business cards and so forth. These are all micro-jobs people are willing to do on For A Fifty -- a new site that hopes to change the way people distribute their skills and businesses outsource tasks. Launched on 25 August 2014 by Noleen Mariappen, For A Fifty is ...