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Samsung announces ‘Launching People’ campaign to support SA startups

Launching People No, Samsung has not just announced it's embarking on some sort of human experimental space mission. Instead, the Launching People campaign will focus on bringing support to entrepreneurs in South Africa. The company announced today that, starting next year, it will be giving people the chance to "unleash their potential" by teaming them up with renowned mentors, gain startup funding and cutting edge products to help them on their entrepreneurial journey. Samsung's Launching People imitative was first introduced in France a ...


Marketing ideas for startups: the Steve Jobs approach

steve_jobs When you consider that each of our stories are largely unique and that a great portion of success is situational, trying to come up with a one-size-fits-all plan for succeeding is probably close to futile. And yet, with the benefit of hindsight, we are able to uncover puzzle pieces that might fit into our own stories. It's been just a little over two years since the passing of Apple's co-founder, but the legacy of Steve Jobs and in particular the ...

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Can Indian startups really beat out their international competitors?

india-flag-independence-day Every day, more and more people in India gain access to broadband internet via either mobile or desktop. Because of its massive population, India is set to be the next big market for multinational companies to dig their claws into. And unlike China, which holds protectionist policies against foreign tech firms, India has remained relatively open. But as global giants come pouring in to gain a foothold, India’s local startups are putting up a fight for the country’s fresh-faced internet users. What they ...


7 inspiring TED talks every entrepreneur should watch

TED I think most entrepreneurs should dedicate some time out of their week just to watch TED Talks. It might seem silly or a waste of time -- after all, you are trying to build an empire here. That is why you should do it. Being an entrepreneur is not easy and sometimes you need a little bit of inspiration to keep you going. These seven talks explore some of the reasons why entrepreneurs are needed in society and why entrepreneurial thinking ...

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Meet Seed Engine accelerator’s 6 new disruptive startups

Seed Engine From emergency wristbands to innovative gaming and web-based solutions, one of South Africa's most prominent startup accelerators, Seed Engine, today announced the six local startups taking part in its second business programme. Chosen out of 300 applications, the six potentially disruptive ventures which are currently undergoing a 12 week business bootcamp, will receive R100 000 start up capital, and over R300 000 in additional benefits. In return, Seed Engine gains a 20% stake in each business. Seed Engine CEO Marc Elias ...

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Fold, rinse, repeat: risk-taking and startup failure in South Africa

PC screen fail Failure is basically being encouraged in Silicon Valley. The old-time favourite “failure is the greatest teacher” saying seems like their daily bread and butter. In South Africa on the other hand, there is a general fear of failure when it comes to risk-taking that makes the process much more intense, where the crazy ones are more likely to survive. With good reason, of course. Hard truths Five out of seven small businesses started in South Africa will fold in the first ...


Crazy ideas, debts and cereal: Airbnb’s co-founder talks growth, good advice

Airbnb Brian Chesky, co-founder and CEO at Airbnb was onstage last Friday with Sequoia Capital’s Yinglan Tan as moderator at the National University of Singapore (NUS) to talk about his experience building Airbnb. If you don’t know Airbnb, then you probably haven’t travelled much. Airbnb is the largest online marketplace to list and rent holiday homes and rooms around the world. To date, the San Francisco startup has over 500 000 listings, serving over 8.5-million guests across 33 000 cities and is ...

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Rocket Internet-backed online vehicle marketplace Carmudi officially launches

Carmudi It seems that Rocket Internet is establishing its commercial investments in areas outside of the usual fashion ecommerce startups more and more. The incubator has launched its newest venture Carmundi -- an online marketplace for vehicles in emerging markets. Initially, the service will offer an estimated 700-million users based in Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar the opportunity find, buy and sell cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles online. Before today the service was publicly known as Carmido in Africa, Ubiauto ...

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Wabona partners with Cinemo to bring video-on-demand to Mxit and Android

wabona Wabona provides video-on-demand via the web and has recently announced a partnership that would in effect soon allow the Cape Town-based startup to publish content via Mxit and Android. Together with Cinemo, Wabona hopes to further distribute its library of video content as the mobile market increases. The new partner, Cinemo, is a startup initiative part of RLabs and has earlier this year launched the first feature film on the popular chat service, Mxit, a platform which also supports apps for ...


Worthless, impossible and stupid: the entrepreneur’s way

Mad Scientist "If everyone tells you it is a good idea, run the other way," Jay Rogers, Local Motors. Here in the second part of our epic review of the book by Daniel Isenberg, Worthless, Impossible and Stupid, we take a look at crazy ideas and staying away from crowds. The book, Worthless, Impossible and Stupid, is broken into four parts and in the next few weeks I will be publishing some insights from each part. The book takes the reader on ...