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Malaysian startup iMoney secures $2-million in Series A funding

iMoney site Financial comparison and advisory startup, iMoney Group, announced yesterday that it secured US$2-million in Series A funding. This news comes after the Malaysia-based company managed to raise US$500 000 in June this year. In a nutshell, iMoney aims to help you sort out your financial products such as home loans, personal loans and credit cards, and apply online for those products. The service is described as being both a transparent and convenient way to apply for loans from your computer. ...

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On the road: Silulo Ulutho Technologies talks empowering people through tech

Silulo tech on the road While we're seeing tech companies popping up across Africa, Silulo Ulutho Technologies isn't aiming to become the next must have app -- it's starting from the ground up. Mich Atagana travels to Khayelitsha to chat about the IT training initiative with co-founder Luvuyo Rani. The company provides communities based in townships or rural areas with the opportunity to scratch up on their IT skills to be better prepared for their professional careers. She also speaks to Senior Trainer Luvuyo Soji ...

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4 ways to build offline connections with your startup’s customers

Networking Entrepreneurs are bombarded with advice on using digital means to connect with customers. But what about connecting in real life? Although much of the marketing world is focused on what’s happening online, most of our real-life experiences with products and brands still occur offline. We go out to eat, take vacations, hang out with friends, shop, and attend conferences — even though we’re probably tweeting or Instagramming the entire time. It’s hard to beat social media for the sheer ...

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Gust Pay gives us a glimpse of how its app, NFC wristbands fared at Rocking the Daisies

Rocking the Daisies A few weeks back, we told you about the app Stellenbosch-based startup Gust Pay had built for the Rocking the Daisies music festival, as well how it planned to implement its NFC payment system. Now, we can give you a little bit of information on how they fared. The app was designed to take advantage of advanced navigation smartphone features and sensors to guide festival-goers around the venue, while the NFC payments system allowed them to pre-load money onto wristbands ...

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Microsoft to announce incubation partnerships at DEMO Africa

Africa Map growth startups entrepreneur DEMO Africa is one of the continent's biggest startup events, so it tends to attract the odd news announcement from big players and investors. The latest will see Microsoft announcing a series of partnerships with a number of African incubators. According to the tech giant, it has inked strategic cooperation agreements with three incubator organisations across the continent, namely:CcHub in Nigeria, DTBi in Tanzania and AfriLabs -- the pan-African hub network. It adds that these agreements, which have ...

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5 massive PR lessons learned from working with startups in Africa

Public relations I’ve been involved with tech companies and startups in Africa for the past 15 years, and have seen some major success stories that have helped to establish Cape Town as one of the tech startup capitals of the world. But I have also seen an untold number of startups fail, unable to make the transition to a successful, established company, in the process disappearing into obscurity. As a marketing and brand elevation specialist, my interest lies in how companies drive growth ...

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Rocket Internet moving EasyTaxi to the Middle East

EasyTaxi Right now, there is no investment group or incubator more aggressive in terms of growth and expansion than Rocket Internet. The company has announced that it will be taking Brazilian taxi app, Easy Taxi, into the middle with a US$7-million investment from iMENA, a mobile application business in the Middle East. Easy Taxi was launched by Rocket Internet in 2011 and was recently launch in Lagos, Nigeria in the company's move to Africa. The app allows passengers to order cabs ...

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Startups, keep it personal: build your company for people

people smiling There is a plethora of startup advice out there: find your market need, get an MVP (minimal viable product), find funding, expand, go global, rinse, repeat. However, most advice (and I say most, not all) seems to ignore a fundamental aspect of not only where business is heading, but also the internet -- to the more personal and human. You just have to look at the impact of social media to get a clear picture of this: gone are the days ...


7 ways you can inject a dash of ‘enthusiasm economy’ into your startup

excited girl The last three or four months have probably been the most amazing ever for me from a business perspective. In pure currency terms I’ve basically tripled my one companies retainer revenue while at the same time growing my second company from nothing to making more in a month than I’ve made in my best solo year. I’m not here to brag, I’m here to talk about attitude. I’ve recently changed a lot about my attitude and bought into what I am ...

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No slowing down for Uber: luxury car service now finally in Durban

Uber2 In a recent blog post, popular US-based luxury transport startup Uber announced the further rolling out of its services in South Africa by opening up shop in Durban. "Living in Durban just got better today" reads the site. The luxury car for hire startup launched its service in Johannesburg two months ago followed by a similarly stealthy launch in Cape Town a few weeks after. The San Francisco-based startup has swooped into South Africa with a larger focus on ...