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  • Sureswipe’s POS LITE helps Jele Bebe improve business processes

    Theamari Jonker, owner and director of Jele Bebe Teething Jewellery discusses how Sureswipe’s POS LITE helped her improve her business processes. Tell us more about Jele Bebe and its products Jele Bebe is a teething jewellery business that my husband and I started over 3 years ago when we saw a product from the US and were so interested, we researched the South African market, and found that there was nothing equivalent available locally. Our teething products ease the teething process for babies and parents. Our range is multi-purpose -- moms can wear the jewellery as fashion and stylish accessories, as well...

  • Should I be doing something about blockchain?

    This worry is behind a lot of the questions we are being asked by clients, colleagues and friends at the moment. The technology behind bitcoin enables multiple parties to transact based on them having a copy of the same information updated by consensus and removing the need for rent seeking intermediaries. Concern about the technology takes a lot of forms, ranging from FOMO about the cryptocurrency boom to a growing realisation that industries are changing. The pace of that change, and the attention that blockchain is getting, is feeding a self-reinforcing process of hyper growth in this space. Many people draw...

  • Sureswipe’s new referral programme boosts business and gives cash back

    Sureswipe's Referral Programme has stepped up a gear. It now incentivises not only staff and new and existing customers to refer friends and businesses to Sureswipe’s card payment products, but the larger business community as well. Anyone can now refer Sureswipe to a new business and on installation of a product, get cash straight back into their pockets. To facilitate this process, Sureswipe has built a slick new dashboard that includes three simple steps that track the referral process. Step 1: Visit clientzone.sureswipe.co.za Step 2: Complete your personal details and banking details Step 3: Complete the details of the business you are referring. As...

  • The impact of big data on the logistics sector

    Businesses both large and small are drawing on the information available from "big data" to help streamline and improve what they do. Data collected by smart phones, sensors and other sources play an increasingly important role in helping products and services to evolve and to help companies gain a competitive advantage. With this in mind, here we explore the impact of big data on the logistics sector. Electronic on board recorders Electronic on-board recorders (EOBR) are now commonplace in the logistics sector and capture a range of data as a vehicle is in operation. Driver hours and maintenance information are examples of the type...

  • Insurtech is transforming a staid South African insurance industry

    One of the hottest trends in South African fintech in 2018 is insurtech -- which has gained momentum over the last two years, says Dominique Collett, head of AlphaCode, a club for fintech entrepreneurs powered by Rand Merchant Investment Holdings. "It was initially seen as a major threat by insurance companies, but now insurers are taking a far more proactive approach to seize opportunities in this space and are starting to collaborate with startups. Exciting new models are transforming a staid industry characterised by opaqueness and outdated systems,” says Collett (pictured above). As millennials enter the market with different expectations, the insurance industry is...

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