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  • Fintech trends to watch out for in 2018

    Fintech (financial technology) is an exciting space to be in. Through advancements in technology and creative solutions, it has broadly enabled access to financial services for millions of people in the past few years. Looking ahead, the pace of innovation is set to continue accelerating exponentially. Even within this landscape of constant change, there are certain developments that emerge as the biggest disruptors of the day. Camilla Swart (pictured above, middle) the ecosystem manager at Rise -- the Absa innovation hub that collaborates with entrepreneurs who lead the charge in creating useful technology-based financial services -- highlights the biggest trends that will...

  • Why now is the best time to invest in battery technology metals

    For those who use online trading brokers to monitor global markets and make investments, finding the next profitable trade can prove to be challenging given the sheer amount of choice they are presented with. Precious metals like gold and silver are popular ‘safe haven’ assets, but are often less effective for making a decent profit. Recently, there has been a lot of interest in battery technology metals, which could be far more effective for turning a decent profit. Here are some of the reasons now might be a good time to invest in them. Electric cars Most investors should be well aware of...

  • Here’s what users of Street Parking Solutions’ Parkfind app think of it

    Available for free on both iOS and Android platforms, Street Parking Solutions Parkfind app enables users to search for, navigate to and pay for parking anywhere in the Cape Town central business district (CBD) in real time. However, the Android version of the app appears to be it's most popular with a 4.6 rating (out of five). The app supports devices running Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) and up, while on iOS it supports iPhones, iPads and iPod touch with iOS 9.0 and later. Here are what some of the app's users have said about Parkfind. "This is wonderful.. you guys are really on top...

  • Sureswipe’s new POS Lite is a game-changer for small retailers and startups

    For a small retailer or startup to be successful and move to the next level, it’s important that systems are in place to track inventory, recon and balance merchant batch closure, manage multiple store and staff sales and have immediate access to real-time data that helps make better management decisions. South Africa’s long-standing fintech player, Sureswipe has launched a new Point of Sale (POS) app and an online business management portal that will change the way small retailers, startups and pop-up shops process card payments from customers and manage their businesses. Sureswipe POS LITE comprises an app and online portal which...

  • Easy things to forget when expanding overseas

    One of the primary methods for any growing business to capitalise on the success it may be enjoying is to look at expanding into a new market. For those that are thriving in their domestic scene, expanding abroad will likely be the next step. There are many guides out there of how to best go about doing this, which include advice such as budgeting for expansion, making local contacts and more. There are other important aspects which, if forgotten about, can prove disastrous. Legal barriers Working in a foreign country means that your business will have to abide by its laws. These will probably...

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